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How Nerger's Auto Express Is Helping To Combat The Spread Of The Corona Virus!

How Nerger's Auto Express Is Helping To Combat The Spread Of The Corona Virus!

We are open and CONTINUING TO SERVICE VEHICLES and SERVE OUR CUSTOMERS. We are committed to keeping our customers safe. The following are a few of the action steps in place at Nerger's Auto Express! If you want to drop your car off and do not want human contact you can drop your keys in our night key drop even if it’s during normal business hours. We can also make arrangements for you to pick up your car after hours. We can even accept payment over the phone. If you would like your vehicle serviced and need it picked up or delivered we are offering a pick up and drop off service to our customers, at NO ADDITIONAL COST to you! Our technicians wear rubber gloves when they work on each vehicle and change them frequently. We will also sterilize your key, steering wheel, center console and door panels before you get your vehicle back. Our employees will be staying home if they are experiencing flu-like symptoms, shortness of breath, fever or cough. Employees will be symptom fr ... read more


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Is Suspension System Lubrication Necessary?

The suspension system is your vehicle is very important, because it allows for your car to move smoothly and with ease. It is made up of many different working components that absorb energy from the road and keep you and your passengers comfortable. Many of these parts are shafts connected to different arms or joints, such as the arm bearings and ball joints. It is important to keep this system working at its best to maintain proper control of your steering.  You may have heard the term suspension system lubrication and wondered, is this necessary? Just like many other systems in your vehicle, lubrication is necessary to keep parts moving easily and to avoid metal to metal contact. Proper suspension system lubrication will ensure that your vehicle moves without issue and that you are able to steer your vehicle quickly and accurately.  If you're unsure of how often your vehicle needs a suspension system lubrication, the best source for this information is your vehicle ... read more

How to Prevent Car Fires

Car fires are an occurrence that luckily is very rate, but can be deadly. You may be familiar with a car bursting into flames after an accident, but cars can also catch fire due to mechanic or electrical issues. While we know this can be a scary thought, being prepared and knowing how to prevent fires from happening is the best way you can avoid these types of situations.  If you smell gasoline or see a puddle underneath your vehicle that you think may be gas, don't take the situation lightly. Do not drive your vehicle with a gas leak and make sure that your car isn't anywhere near a flame. We recommend a tow to Nerger's Auto Express to address the leak quickly and safely. When a car has a fuel leak and you continue driving, the fuel can drop onto a hot engine or exhaust and can ignite a fire.  Knowing gas station safety can also help avoid car fires at the gas pump. Always ensure that your vehicle's engine is turned all the way off before pumping gas. Also ... read more

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