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How to Prevent Car Fires

Car fires are an occurrence that luckily is very rate, but can be deadly. You may be familiar with a car bursting into flames after an accident, but cars can also catch fire due to mechanic or electrical issues. While we know this can be a scary thought, being prepared and knowing how to prevent fires from happening is the best way you can avoid these types of situations. 

If you smell gasoline or see a puddle underneath your vehicle that you think may be gas, don't take the situation lightly. Do not drive your vehicle with a gas leak and make sure that your car isn't anywhere near a flame. We recommend a tow to Nerger's Auto Express to address the leak quickly and safely. When a car has a fuel leak and you continue driving, the fuel can drop onto a hot engine or exhaust and can ignite a fire. 

Knowing gas station safety can also help avoid car fires at the gas pump. Always ensure that your vehicle's engine is turned all the way off before pumping gas. Also, do not smoke anywhere near a gas station. While putting fuel in your car, avoid opening car doors or get inside and back out again. Going in and out can cause static electricity and can actually create a spark. 

An electrical short within your car can also cause a fire. This happens when rubber wires rub against metal, causing the wires to short circuit. This can burn the wiring and can start a vehicle fire. If your vehicle is repetitively blowing fuses, do not continue driving your vehicle until the issue is addressed. 

If you do happen to see or smell smoke while driving or notice a fire, stop your car off to the side of the road safely as soon as possible and exit your vehicle along with any passengers or pets. Get away from your car and call 911 immediately. The best way to avoid car fires from happening altogether is by staying on top of your vehicle's maintenance here at Nerger's Auto Express. With regular inspections, we can catch issue such as leaks and electrical problems early on before they cause major damage and dangerous situations. 


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