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Monthly Archives: January 2024

Fleet Maintenance Services in 2024: Trends, Challenges, Solutions

Fleet Maintenance Services in 2024: Trends, Challenges, Solutions Fleet managers know that if one thing is certain, it’s that each new year brings unique problems to overcome when it comes to improving fleet safety and driver well-being, increasing fuel efficiency in fleets, and cutting costs. This year will prove to be no different, so read on for the latest trends, challenges, and solutions in fleet maintenance services. Fleet Trends: What’s New in 2024 Improvements in connected fleet technology will reign supreme as the 2024 trend of the year. But fleet managers aren’t just looking for GPS location services. Tracking devices relaying average speed provides valuable insight into fleet safety and driver well-being. Connected fleet technology also provides at-a-glance fuel consumption, empowering fleet managers to make data-driven decisions for improved fuel efficiency. Alerts to tire pressure and health status tracking allow for s ... read more

5 Signs Your Wheels Need Alignment & FAQs

5 Signs Your Wheels Need Alignment & FAQs

You are driving just like usual, everything seems perfect until you notice a subtle pull to the left or right. It's a tiny nudge, but it's enough to disrupt the smooth harmony of your ride. What could be the culprit? The hero - or villain - in this scenario might just be your misaligned wheels. The Sneaky Steering Drift One of the telltale signs that your wheels might be out of alignment is a subtle, or not-so-subtle, drift in your steering. When your car seems to have a mind of its own, veering left or right without your input, it's time to pay attention. Your steering wheel is like a compass, and any deviation from its centered position could signal an alignment issue. Uneven Tire Wear Patterns Take a moment to inspect your tires. Do they wear unevenly? If the edges of your tires are more worn than the center or vice versa, your wheels could be send ... read more

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