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Is Suspension System Lubrication Necessary?

The suspension system is your vehicle is very important, because it allows for your car to move smoothly and with ease. It is made up of many different working components that absorb energy from the road and keep you and your passengers comfortable. Many of these parts are shafts connected to different arms or joints, such as the arm bearings and ball joints. It is important to keep this system working at its best to maintain proper control of your steering. 

You may have heard the term suspension system lubrication and wondered, is this necessary? Just like many other systems in your vehicle, lubrication is necessary to keep parts moving easily and to avoid metal to metal contact. Proper suspension system lubrication will ensure that your vehicle moves without issue and that you are able to steer your vehicle quickly and accurately. 

If you're unsure of how often your vehicle needs a suspension system lubrication, the best source for this information is your vehicle's owner's manual. Here, your manufacturer will suggest at what mileage you should be getting lubrication done at your local auto repair shop. We recommend to stay on top of this service, because lack of lubrication can cause part damage and lead to needing repairs performed that could of otherwise been avoided. 

If your vehicle needs a suspension system lubrication, you may notice one or more of the following symptoms: 

  • Loud squeaking from under the car when you go over bumps
  • Groaning sound while turning
  • Suspension system doesn't feel smooth and feels bumpy

If you suspect that your vehicle may need suspension or steering parts lubricated or are having issues with your suspension system in general, give us a call here at Nerger's Auto Express for professional assistance today! 

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