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Windshield Wiper Replacement in Bound Brook, NJ

Usually, your car's windshield wipers are not the first thing that comes to mind when you think of car maintenance. However, they still play an integral role when it comes to safe driving. Your windshield wipers are responsible for keeping your windshield clean, dry, and clear of any obstruction. They are critical when it comes to the visibility of the road and other vehicles. Sadly, most drivers and car owners are not aware that they need to replace their wipers every 6 to 12 months. Instead, most vehicle owners will wait until they completely fall apart or stop working entirely before considering a replacement. It is highly advised that you make a habit of checking your car wipers' conditions for signs of wear and tear. These are some of the most common symptoms of aging windshield wipers:


Squeaking Noises

Your car's wiper blades should glide seamlessly and silently across a moist windshield. If you hear a loud screech, then that may be an indication that the rubber or silicon has worn out.


Streaking and Smearing

When you start noticing streaks and smears on your windscreen after the wiper attempts to clear rain or moisture, consider replacing the blade. Be sure to examine them for any signs of dust, mud, or debris, as they can also contribute to ineffective blades.


Skipping Blades

If your wipers are not entirely touching your windscreen, it could be a signal that they are overworn. These instances become more prevalent during the hot, humid summers when the wipers are rarely used.


Even though these are the most prominent signs that you need wiper replacement, you shouldn't wait for them to appear to change them out. Please remember to change them out at least once per year. Luckily, monitoring your wipers' condition and replacing them is an easy and inexpensive procedure. If you require windshield wiper replacement, bring your car to Nerger's Auto Express today. 

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