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Why is My Vehicle Running Rough?

A properly running engine should run and start smoothly without excess noise or vibration. If you being to notice that your vehicle is “running rough”, meaning that you start to notice loud noises, vibrations, and an overall decline in performance, you are likely dealing with an engine problem. As soon as you notice a change in your vehicle’s drivability, it is important to have your vehicle inspected.

Engine problems should never be ignored and the sooner you fix the problem, the more money you’ll save yourself over time. At Nerger's Auto Express, our ASE certified technicians are experienced working on all makes and models of vehicles. We can help determine the exact cause of the issue and get you back on the road quickly and safely. 

As soon as you start to notice drivability issues, be sure to note down the symptoms you are experiencing. Do you notice that your engine is “running rough”? Is your car idling rough? Does your car stall between switching gears? Is your engine revving without you pressing on the accelerator? Do you notice any other strange noises, smells, or vibrations? 

Letting our experts know exactly what is going on with your vehicle will help us better determine the issue at hand. Once we know where the problem is stemming from, we can inspect the correct systems and have your vehicle repaired quicker and more accurately. 

Idling is when you start your engine and allow it to run without pressing on the accelerator or putting it into gear. A properly idling engine should be able to maintain smooth rotations and will not be excessively loud or rev on its own. If the idle is rough, your vehicle is struggling to maintain a steady rate of rotation. This could be caused by a number of different problems, including dirty fuel injectors, clogged air filters, bad spark plugs, or exhaust system problems. 

A car that stalls can be extremely dangerous while on the road. If you’re on the road, a stalling vehicle can put you at risk for a serious accident. A stalling vehicle can stem from a number of different components, including the battery, fuel pump, faulty wiring, and more. A car that is revving on its own usually points to a sticking throttle position sensor or a possible vacuum leak.

If you need vehicle diagnostics in Bound Brook NJ, bring your vehicle into the experts here at Nerger's Auto Express today! 

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