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Why Does My Car Squeal When I Reverse?

There's nothing worse than your car making a noise you're not used to, as it generally signifies a new problem that could cost hundreds to fix. At least, that's the initial fear of most car owners when they hear an unfamiliar noise - but don't panic yet. If it's only just started, then that new noise could be the warning sign you need to take action before the need ever generates for any expensive repairs.

There are a few reasons why your car might be squealing when you put it in/drive in reverse. Below, we'll talk about a few of these possibilities, and talk about what actions you should take.

1. Engine Belt Problem

Over time, parts in a car can begin to deteriorate. This it to be expected, and usually isn't due to any fault of the driver - it's just time at work! When this happens to your car's engine belts, they become loose and worn. When you go from idle to moving, the change in movement can cause your worn belts to squeak and squeal. The noise comes from the sound of the belts stretching at high speeds due to their not being able to keep pace with the turning pulleys. This can also occur in colder weather, as belts become more brittle in such conditions. Replacing engine belts is a fairly simple task for any experienced mechanic, and usually inexpensive in comparison to other repairs.

2. Brake Issues

When brake pads wear down, it can result in metal on metal action that results in loud squeaking when driving. Depending on the worn-down pads, this could occur in reverse or in any gear. Worn brakes can be a problem, as you obviously want your brakes to be performing as well as they can be. If you suspect your brakes are wearing down due to squealing, then we'd recommend bringing your car into a trusted mechanic.

If your car's squealing in reverse and you just can't figure out why, feel free to bring it in to our auto repair shop for a diagnostic appointment - we'll let you know what the problem is and how we can fix it.

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