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What Does the Catalytic Converter Do?

The catalytic converter is a small mechanical device found in most cars. It is a very important device because it acts as a drain on the exhaust gases produced by an engine. In simple words, it is a device that reduces the exhaust toxicity produced by the car engine. Catalytic converters are made up of different materials which are chosen for their performance and efficiency.

Most of the time, catalytic converters utilize oxygen to burn out pollutants produced from gas burning. This is necessary so that poisonous gases emitted by the engine can be reduced to less toxic forms. Moreover, it also helps in oxygen purification, which helps in removing harmful carbon monoxide from the exhaust fumes. These two processes help reduce the poisonous gases produced by the engine thus improving the fuel economy and protecting the health of the passengers.

Catalytic converters come in two forms - single-stage and dual-stage. The single-stage type of catalytic converters has only a single primary circuit that burns out all pollutants coming from the exhaust system. The dual-stage types of catalytic converters have two independent circuits for burning out the pollutants. However, both of them have the same purpose i.e. to cleanse the exhaust gases and reduce harmful gas emissions.

Catalytic converters are also known as oxygen scavengers because they actively break the destructive effect of carbon dioxide released during the normal combustion of a vehicle. The catalytic converter uses an activated carbon comprising a borate-iodide bridge. When the bridge becomes functional, the borate-iodide bridges absorb most of the carbon dioxide released while the engine burns. Almost all the emissions emitted during normal operation are eliminated through the catalytic converter. However, if emissions are so high that a complete stop-off is not possible to further measures must be taken to control emissions at emission control points.

Catalytic converters have several benefits. They produce excellent results and reduce nitrogen oxide pollution. However, they must be repaired and maintained judiciously in order to achieve maximum benefit. In case they are used inappropriately they can lead to severe respiratory problems and can cause severe environmental contamination.

If you need maintenance on your catalytic converter, we invite you to bring your vehicle to our auto repair shop today!

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