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What Are The Most Common Exhaust System Problems?

The exhaust system of your vehicle is critical. It directs dangerous fumes away from the engine and the interior of the vehicle. These toxic fumes are routed through the catalytic converter, which converts them into less dangerous gasses that meet emission standards. The fumes are then expelled into the outside air after passing through the muffler.

Common Exhaust Issues

Your vehicle's exhaust system is made up of many parts, and if even one of them is broken or compromised, the entire system will not function properly. Problems with your exhaust system can put you in serious danger, so if you notice any of the symptoms of a failed exhaust system, it is critical that you have your vehicle checked out by a qualified professional.

Lets look at some common exhaust issues your vehicle may experience:


Rust is a typical exhaust system problem. Rust is bad for your car and can erode your car's vital parts, endangering you.


A leaky exhaust system is another issue. If this happens, exhaust gases may escape into your vehicle. Exhaust leaks can be harmful, so get them checked out ASAP.

Oxygen Sensor Failure

If one of your vehicle's oxygen sensors stops working, it may think there's a significant problem. If so, replace or repair the sensor. This is a best-case scenario, so if you feel your oxygen sensor is faulty, get your vehicle checked thoroughly to assure your safety.

Manifold Gasket Leak

Exhaust manifold gaskets seal the exhaust manifold and cylinder head. This prevents gas leaks. Broken exhaust manifold gaskets may hiss or tap.

Brackets Loose

Loose brackets cause exhaust pipes to droop or drag. If so, get your brackets tightened or fixed to avoid hitting a car behind you.

Catalytic Converter Blockage

The catalytic converter reduces hazardous exhaust emissions. If your car's catalytic converter is blocked, you may notice a rotten egg smell or a warmer floor. If you suspect a blocked catalytic converter, get it tested ASAP.


If your vehicle needs exhaust system repairs, we invite you to bring your vehicle to Nerger's Auto Express today!

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