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Top Signs That Indicate Your Vehicle Requires Transmission Repair

Your car's transmission is an integral component that is responsible for shifting gears and controlling the power delivery to the wheels. A malfunctioning transmission can cause serious problems, including reduced fuel efficiency, loss of power, and even complete breakdowns.

Top Signs That Indicate Your Vehicle Requires Transmission Repair

Grinding or Shaking: If you feel your car grinding or shaking when shifting gears, it could be a sign that your transmission is failing. The uneasy feeling is often linked to worn-out gears or other internal components that need to be replaced.

Delayed or Unresponsive Shifting: If you notice a delay or unresponsiveness when shifting gears, it could indicate a problem with your transmission. The delay could be attributed to low transmission fluid or a worn-out clutch.

Burning Smell: A burning scent coming from your car could indicate that your transmission is overheating. When there is a lack of lubrication with your vehicle's systems, including the transmission, it can emit this smell. ]

Fluid Leaks: If you notice fluid leaking from your car, it could be a sign of a transmission problem. Transmission fluid is typically red and has a sweet smell. If you notice a fluid leak, it's essential to have it patched up and repaired ASAP.

Warning Lights: If you see the "check engine" light or a transmission warning light on your dashboard, please do not wait to bring your car to a professional auto repair shop for diagnostics.

While most people may not be thrilled at the thought of transmission repairs, it must be cared for immediately. Transmission repairs can be costly, but they are necessary as they affect your vehicle's driveability.

Regular maintenance, including transmission fluid and filter changes, can help prevent transmission problems from occurring, to begin with. We advise that you follow your auto manufacturer's recommended maintenance schedule to extend the longevity of your transmission.

At Nerger's Auto Express, we offer comprehensive transmission repair services to ensure your vehicle stays reliable on the road.

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