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Signs of an Old Serpentine Belt

Your car's serpentine belt is a vital component, commonly located in the front of your engine. This lengthy belt transports power to critical automotive systems, including your power steering pump, alternator, A/C compressor, water pump, and more. Back then, a vehicle may have several belts; nowadays, automobiles have a single belt to run everything, almost always the serpentine belt. 


The serpentine belt can also run the water pump, radiator fan, and power brakes on some vehicles. In rare cases, some even have two serpentine belts. No matter how your components and the motor are arranged, you can bet that you won't go far with a damaged or broken serpentine belt. Depending on your vehicle's make and model, you can expect your serpentine belt to last from 50,000 to 100,000 miles. Additionally, your manufacturer probably has a recommended interval for how often to inspect your belt. You can always count on the professionals at Nerger's Auto Express to thoroughly assess the condition of your serpentine belt.


Thanks to modern innovations, the serpentine belt has become much more durable. While this is a significant improvement, the material makes it harder to know when the belt needs to be replaced. In contrast, the previous straps would show physical evidence of deterioration (cracks, fraying, etc.).


On the newer types of belts, the depth of the ribbing is a good indication of when you need your serpentine belt replaced. Your technician can use a gauge to tell when the belt is worn, and you need a serpentine belt replacement. 


An aging belt may exemplify other symptoms. Some other common faulty signs include a glazed and shiny appearance. When the belt and pulley system is affected, you may also hear a squealing sound coming from under the hood


A worn belt can put your vehicle engine and its surrounding parts at high-stress levels and cause them to wear prematurely. The belt can even snap in severe cases, causing major engine damage. If you believe you have any issues with your serpentine belt, please bring them to the certified technicians at Nerger's Auto Express.

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