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School is in Session - So Watch Where You're Going!

With most parents heading back to in-person school this autumn, you (the parents) should take some time to review the safety precautions when driving near school zones. The truth is we've been a little out of practice since early 2020, so making the adjustments for in-person school or work can be tough. 


If you are a parent who drives your kids to and from school or an individual who has to pass through a school zone regularly, we highly advise that you read through these tips. They'll ensure you understand the rules to ensure your entire community is safe.

  • Always stop for stopped school buses. This one should be easy, as it is illegal to pass a school bus. If you notice a bus stopped with a stop sign or flashing lights, it means that kids are in the process of getting on or off the vehicle. Please make sure you come to a complete stop and patiently wait while the bus is loading.
  • Do not block a pedestrian crosswalk. Your vehicle should not be on any of the marked white lines on the road so that pedestrians can get safely by. 
  • Yield to pedestrians. This rule is a driver's ed basic. Pedestrians always have the right of way. 
  • Be courteous to the crossing guard. Sometimes, you may see an individual with a bright-colored vest directing traffic in school zones. The crossing guard is responsible for overseeing the flow of traffic and ensuring children get to school safely.
  • Do not speed. You would be astonished to see how people behave in school zones. The most common error is that people do not slow down where they should. 

Regardless of the time of day, you should slow down and be extra attentive to school buses and pedestrians when driving in school zones. School zones are not hard to miss, as you will see traffic signs and flashing lights when school traffic is the busiest. To be as safe as possible, for everyone's sake, you should make sure your car is safe too! For automotive maintenance and repairs, please bring your vehicle to Nerger's Auto Express.

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