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Oil Change

We hear it all the time at our shop what about oil changes? Everyone wants a reliable car that runs smoothly for many years to come.

In order for that to happen, you have to be good at keeping up with routine wellness checks and seasonal maintenance. If a strange light comes on or something doesn't feel or sound normal, you need to bring it in to be looked at. (Hopefully to us!) All of that is very important, but did you know what can significantly reduce those other possible issues? It's so simple, yet so often overlooked, and that's changing the oil.

It happens all the time as we go about our daily routines, busy and easily distracted by life. Then one day we finally happen to notice that little sticker in the top corner of the windshield that has the mileage of when the car is due for its next oil change… and oops. Or worse yet, the car stops running properly, because the oil has not been changed.

The team at Nerger's wants to prevent that from happening to you. To understand the importance of this, you must know why an oil change is so vital to your car. An oil change is vital because oil is used to lubricate all the moving parts of your engine. The lubrication prevents friction from occurring when important elements rub together, thus preventing damage from happening.

We make sure we set reminders up for each client to call them when their car is due for an oil change. We want to make sure that something so simple is not overlooked!


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