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How to Tell If Your Car Is Due for a Fuel Cleaning Service

Most motorists often overlook their car's fuel system until there's a problem, like really bad gas mileage. Furthermore, a dirty fuel system can cause various engine problems like poor performance and even outright failure. To avoid this, you should bring your car to our shop for fuel system cleanings.

A fuel system cleaning is a preventative maintenance service to prevent engine problems in the future. It can involve replacing a fuel filter, fuel injectors, and more.  So, how do you know when it's time for a fuel system cleaning? Below are some of the top signs that indicate your vehicle is due for this service:

  • Check Engine Light Illuminated - When the engine light shows up on your dash, it can mean many things, including a faulty fuel system. To be certain of the problem, bring your car to our shop for a diagnostics scan.
  • Engine Stalling - If your car stalls or hesitates often, it is evident that your fuel system is related to the problem. A clean fuel system allows the right amount of fuel to be burned with the proper fuel-to-air ratio. 
  • Poor Fuel Economy - Your car may consume more gas based on how often you drive, but if your car is consuming a significant amount of gas faster than normal, check your fuel system. If your fuel system is clogged, the engine has to work harder to do the same workload. 
  • Rough Running Engine - If your car is running rough, you should check on the fuel system’s condition. Typically, a fuel imbalance will cause your vehicle to run rough. 

A fuel system cleaning from the experts at Nerger’s Auto Express can flush the dirt and debris out of the system so that your car can run smoothly again. If you notice any of the warning symptoms above, please do not hesitate to call or visit our auto repair shop today

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