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How to Prevent Car Theft

While you may find it hard to believe, car theft is still a common problem in America. Did you know that New Year's is one of the most popular holidays for car thefts? While location and area can make your vehicle more susceptible to getting stolen, there are some notable patterns that you should be aware of. Being aware of what makes a car more attractive and likely to be stolen can help you stay safer this New Year's (and any other time of the year). What are some common characteristics of stolen vehicles in the past?

Older Models

While a new car may look more attractive, car thieves are looking for an easy way in. Older vehicles are less likely to have high-tech alarms and security systems than some newer cars may have. If your car is on the older side, don't think you're off the hook. It may be very appealing to a thief who's in a hurry to break in.

Silver Cars

Oddly enough, there's a trend in the colors of stolen vehicles. Silver is the most popular to get stolen. However, the psychology behind why hasn't necessarily been researched. 


Research has also shown that this reliable brand is among the most common car made to get stolen. To be specific, Honda Accords and Civics are among car thieves' favorites.

How You Can Prevent Your Car From Break-Ins and Theft

  • Be cautious of where you take your car and your surroundings. If you're in an unfamiliar area, do some research before you.
  • Park only in well-lit areas and roll up all of your windows before getting out.
  • Install a tracking system on your vehicle.
  • Apply window tinting for added privacy.
  • Don't leave any valuables out in the open.

The Nerger's Auto Express team wishes you a fun and safe holiday! Please be sure to always follow the tips above to prevent anybody from hijacking your vehicle. For reliable and honest auto services, we invite you to call and visit our shop soon!

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