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How Often Should You Have Your Car A/C Recharged?

Spring is finally here in Bound Brook, NJ, and many of us will start to feel the temperature warm up in the upcoming months. That also means we will be making the switch from heat to air conditioning whenever we get in the car. If you haven't had your A/C pumping for a while, you may want to have it checked out before the hot summer.


Your vehicle's A/C system is similar to your home air conditioning system, where it relies on a refrigerant or freon to provide cold air. Over time, you can run out. Or, your system can develop a leak from old age. When this happens, you'll notice your A/C blowing warm air.


Many drivers consider having their A/C recharged at the start of spring and summer to ensure their A/C is cool. Most automakers don't provide a schedule for this service, but that doesn't mean it isn't necessary. An A/C recharge isn't a yearly service, but if you notice that your vents aren't blowing cool air, it's time to get it done. 


When you bring your car to our auto repair shop for inspections, one of our professional technicians will thoroughly check your A/C components for leaks. If no leaks are found, we'll proceed to recharge your A/C. Otherwise, we'll have to restore the damaged or worn parts first.


The recharge process involves connecting your car to a special machine, which draws out the old refrigerant and refills it with new freon to a proper level. After the service is done, we'll test your A/C once again to ensure everything is working.


There's nothing more frustrating and uncomfortable than having a broken A/C on a hot day. If you suspect that you need your car's A/C recharged, please bring your car to Nerger's Auto Express.

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