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Fun Summer Activities That Involve Your Car

Summertime is a period known for fun adventures and relaxing vacations, which means you'll likely depend on your car. With COVID cases declining, people are ready to leave their homes! If you aren't sure what your plans are this summer, don't worry - we got you covered. There are so many fun ventures to do with your car this summer. Here are four excellent ways to have fun with your car this summer: 


Take a Family Road Trip

Whether to visit loved ones from far away or getaway to the beach, people are ready to hit the highway and drive great distances this summer. But, being on the road doesn't have to be boring. Try to play games along the way and make your pit stops extra enjoyable.


Watch a Movie At a Drive-In 

Drive-in theaters may seem ancient in 2021, but there are still plenty of them out there today. You and your family can enjoy movies, old and new, in a completely different setting. 


Go Stargazing

Nothing beats the beauty of a clear night sky. If you have a convertible or a moon roof, you can optimize this activity all from your car. Research beforehand to scope out when the next meteor shower or cosmic event is happening. Your smartphone will also come in handy to figure out when the sunsets. There are also many astronomy and stargazing apps that can help you map out the sky. 


Wash the Car 

You can get cooled off from the summer heat by doing this activity. Though chores never sound fun, this activity can be less dreadful when doing it with the rest of the family. Additionally, you will get a great sense of achievement and a shiny, new car once you are done. 


Get Ice Cream 

Having delicious scoops of ice cream is a traditional summer activity that you can do almost anywhere. Choose a local creamery and head on over with the family. Your stomach will thank you after for the sweet treat.


Before you head out and get to your summer plans, make sure your vehicle is in good, running condition. The last thing you'd want to deal with on a warm day is a vehicle breakdown. Come by our shop and have your car serviced through our team at Nerger's Auto Express in Bound Brook, NJ. 


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