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Do I Need HVAC System Maintenance For My Vehicle?

Fall in the air, and winter is on its way to meet Bound Brook, NJ residents. Now is more than perfect of a time for heating and A/C maintenance. At Nerger's Auto Express, we know firsthand just how cold it can get in the upcoming months. We're going to see rain, ice, and snow! If your heater is blowing cold air on a snowy day, it can make your drive miserable. You should never put off regular heating and A/C maintenance. 


A heater core is located behind the dashboard, and it is the vital piece that takes the heat from your car's engine. The air ultimately ends up in your cabin via the vent fans.

When you schedule a fall inspection with our team, we will be sure to examine and test your HVAC system closely. This will include:

  • Review of the interior and blower
  • Checking the temperature of interior vent air
  • Inspection of A/C belt for damage such as cracks
  • Examining radiator hoses, thermostat, pressure cap, and coolant level
  • Checking for any refrigerant leaks

If your heater is blowing cool air, then it definitely means there's a problem with your HVAC system. If the heater only performs when driving, but not when you come to a stop or are idling, please have it checked out before we are in the dead of winter. The worst scenario is if your car breaks down in the cold, and there's no heat! You'll be needing this function soon in your car more than ever. 


If you're having heating or A/C system difficulties and are in the Boundbrook, NJ area, put faith in our team at Nerger's Auto Express. We will get down to the bottom of the issue so that you can drive in comfortably moving forward!

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