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Distracted Driving

While technology has created ways for us to multi-task and make phone calls, dictate texts and update social media at any time and at any place, all of these actions have been proven to increase the risk of being involved in a car crash if done while driving.

However, the concept of distracted driving is not just around technology. A person in the car can distract you, something that you are eating (and drops in your lap!) can distract you – anything that takes your eyes and concentration off the road in front of you is a distraction to be eliminated.

The National Safety Council has many resources to share on the concept of distracted driving, from videos to posters all aimed at raising awareness in your workplace, at home and in the community a large.

They invite you to come to their site and take advantage of all the education and awareness tools that they have available, beginning with "Take the Focused Driver Challenge". (And you can even share the results on social media!)

If you would like to get access to resources on distracted driving, then go to The National Safety Council's site and sign up at https://safety.nsc.org/ddam


Driving Tips
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