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Back to school

At Nerger's Auto Express we have one priority, and that is the safety of our customers. We know that sending your children off to college can be one of the most stressful and emotional times for a parent. However, with the winter months ahead, it is absolutely essential to make sure the vehicle your child is driving is the safest that it can be.

At Nerger's we will perform a full evaluation on your child's vehicle to make sure there are no red flags. Some of the tests we will run include an inspection of tire treads, tire inflation, engine oil, power steering fluid, transmission fluid, brake fluid, brake functionality and light functionality.

Although we want to make sure that your child's car is extremely safe before your children head off into the next phase of their lives, we also think it is essential that you teach them how to keep themselves safe when they are on their own.

Here are some tips to make sure your child keeps their vehicle safe at school:

  1. Know where the nearest auto body is to their campus
  2. Teach them how to put air in their tires and measure the pressure
  3. Show them where their spare tire is, and make sure they know how to change it
  4. Give them a maintenance schedule, to ensure all fluids are changed when they are running low
  5. Consider a roadside assistance program, to help them in emergency situations

Please reach out to Nerger's Auto Express for any questions. We look forward to scheduling your car evaluation and keeping you and your family safe on the road!

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