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Monthly Archives: July 2020

How Do I Know if I Have Air in My Brake Lines?

How Do I Know if I Have Air in My Brake Lines?

Your vehicle's brakes are super important to the safety of your vehicle. When you step on the brake pedal, you expect your vehicle to slow or stop according to how quickly you need it to. Bad brakes can lead to accidents if you aren't able to stop quickly enough. Have you ever driven your car and pushed down on the brake pedal, and felt that the pedal was spongy or soft-feeling? This is a common symptom of air in your brake lines. Let's understand what brake lines are and what some of the signs of having air in your brake lines are.  The brake lines are the parts within your brake system that house and circulate brake fluid. The brake system is hydraulic, which means it uses high pressure from the brake fluid to power your brakes. Air is the enemy in a hydraulic system because it reduces pressure and essentially makes the process less effective. When air gets into the brake lines, your brake system suffers.  Symptoms that can indicate you have air in your brake ... read more

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