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Monthly Archives: February 2021

Is it Safe to Drive With a Tire Bulge?

Is it Safe to Drive With a Tire Bulge?

How Did I Get A Bulge In My Tire A bulge in the tire can happen due to: Buying cheap tires Older tires (out of date) Damage from potholes and nails Rough road abuse Repaired tires Improper tire installation Bulges are created by broken belts inside the tire plies, and/or by air that's forced under the different plies (From things like running over nails) which no longer lets the tire keep its form, (rubber stretches, steel doesn't) Which causes the tire to form a bulge. The bead of the tire (which seals the tire around the rim) can get torn or damaged during your tire's installation process which can also create a bulge in the tire.   As shown in this diagram. Can I Drive With A Bulge In My Tire? No, to do so, would put your life and anyone else's riding with you, at risk of death or injury. A bulge in your tire is a clear warning sign that your tire is about to have a blowout. Blowouts are the cause of many accidents resulting in death and injury. Drivin ... read more

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