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Monthly Archives: April 2020

Do Modern Cars Still Need Tune-ups?

The tune-up - an age-old term that is still around today. Back in the day, cars needed be tuned regularly. There weren't sophisticated computers in cars to monitor things likes fuel mixture, idle speed control, and timing. A tune-up was needed to replace spark plugs, distributor points, and fuel/air filters. There were also adjustments that needed to be done to the ignition timing and idle mixture.  Back in the day, a tune-up was recommended every 20,000 miles or so. However, today's cars run on complex computer system. So the questions becomes, do I still need to have a tune-up performed? If you look at a tune-up as preventative maintenance, then yes - a tune-up is still needed. It may not be the same services as performed when a tune-up was first used in auto repair, but certain maintenance items are still very much required.  So, considering a tune-up as a check up of your vehicle's major systems and taking care of important maintenance items - a tune-up is s ... read more

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