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5 Common Causes of Poor Gas Mileage

Poor Gas Mileage

You’re driving down the street when your gas light comes on. It was only just the other day that you filled the tank up. Vehicles are already expensive to maintain, and the cost of gas may only hurt your pockets more. Several aspects can cause your car to guzzle gas, leading to a decrease in fuel efficiency. If you want to save a few extra dollars at the gas station, this below list has a few things to consider to get the most out of your gas tank.

Pressing Too Hard on the Gas Pedal
While it may be fun to speed every once and awhile, it can cause a considerable decrease in fuel economy. Stepping on the gas forces more air into the combustion chamber, leading the vehicle to overcompensate by injecting more to keep a proper fuel to air ratio.

Low Tire Pressure
Low Tire pressure reduces fuel efficiency because it reduces the tire’s rolling resistance, causing the vehicle to expend more energy to maintain speed. The sticker on the inside of the door jam will let you know the tires’ recommended PSI. 

Wheel Alignment
If you recently hit a pothole, it may have knocked your vehicle out of alignment. Misaligned tires cause more resistance causing the car to use more gas. An alignment at a trusted automotive shop can resolve this issue. 

Dirty Engine Filter
A clogged engine filter limits the amount of air that enters the engine, causing it to work harder. You can check the engine filter by popping the hood and pulling it out. If the engine filter is caked with dirt and pollutants, it’s time to have it changed. 

Too Much Carbon Build-up
As you drive your vehicle, carbon can build-up in essential components over time. If carbon builds up in the valves, injectors, pistons, and cylinder walls, vehicle efficiency will become reduced, followed by fuel economy. 

A decrease in gas mileage can occur due to various reasons, from mechanical problems to merely carrying too much weight. If you notice a significant reduction in fuel efficiency, it’s best to schedule an appointment to have your vehicle inspected. A full comprehensive inspection can determine the exact cause and offer a diagnosis. If you have concerns about your car, don’t hesitate to reach out to Nerger’s Auto Express. 


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