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5 Car Maintenance Tips for Spring

Spring is finally here, and it’s time to prep your vehicle for the warm weather ahead. Whether you plan to use your car for a road trip or go back to the office, you need to make sure your car is reliable. Winter tends to be tough on our cars, so be sure to follow these tips to reboot your vehicle.

Tip #1: Get an Oil Change

An oil change at the beginning of spring will give you the assurance that your engine will be properly lubricated and running at tip-top condition all season long.

Tip #2: Test Your Battery Efficiency

Your battery is not very good with temperature changes. Since your battery worked overtime in the winter, it would be best to take a look at it. If you notice corrosion around the connection points or cables, it may be time for a new battery.

Tip #3: Check Your Tread Depth

Tires need to have sufficient tread to allow you to drive through wet weather. Once your tires have worn down to 2/32”, your tire will need replacing. While you are checking tread measurements, you should check tire pressure too.

Tip #4: Replace Your Wipers

With the rain on its way to Bound Brook, you should consider swapping out your old wipers for new ones. It’ll give you a nice clean and clear windscreen so that you can drive confidently, rain or shine.

Tip #5: Don't Forget About the Brakes

There’s no such thing as being too cautious about your brakes. We advise you to have your braking system inspected, including the pads/shoes, calipers, rotors, brake fluid, etc. Your brakes are key to safe driving.

Nerger’s Auto Express is Here to Help!

Regular maintenance will keep your car, SUV, or truck in top condition to prevent breakdowns, collisions, and other troubles this spring. If you need assistance getting your car ready for the warmer weather, we invite you to come and see us at Nerger’s Auto Express in Bound Brook, NJ.

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