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Transmission Repair in Bound Brook, NJ

Service Overview


Your transmission is an important part of your car - without it, it is impossible to get anywhere! At Nerger's Auto Express, our Transmission Specialists are available to service your transmission and complete transmission repair.

A transmission service usually means changing the transmission fluid and filter. Depending on the make, model and year of your car, the timing of this service varies. Some cars recommend it for 50,000 while others say 100,000. Actually, the type of driving you do can affect how often you should service your transmission.

The best way to tell if it's time to flush the transmission is to check the color. Transmission oil is a deep red color when it is first put in the transmission. If you check it and it is now black or brown, it is high time to change it! In addition to changing the fluid, it might be necessary to 'flush' the transmission, to really get it clean before putting in new fluid.

Be sure and talk to our Transmission Specialists about what your car might need.

Is your transmission slipping? It is making a strange sound? We can handle all transmission problems. We even rebuild transmissions, if the worst-case scenario happens. We pride ourselves in quality transmission repair.

At Nerger's Auto Express, our people can handle all of your transmission problems, and do the transmission servicing that will keep you from having problems!

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