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Tire Repair in Bound Brook, NJ


Car tires are an important aspect of making sure a car operates safely and drives well. Tires that are worn can cause an accident if they unexpectedly blow out, and uneven wear can cause the alignment of a car to go 'out', making for a rough ride.

The temptation is to go for cheap tires to keep the budget in line. However, if you want quality tires at an affordable price, then stop in and see us.

First, we will investigate if we can repair the tire you are having trouble with - if so, we will repair it, put it back on the rim and replace it back on your car.

We can then look at whether or not you might need your tires rotated. Tire rotation can extend the life of your tires by making sure that they wear evenly. If you want to find out if tire rotation is right for you, stand back and look at each of your tires. If there are signs of uneven wear, then it's time to have the tires rot.

It may be that all new tires is really what you need. We will help you look at what type of new tire is best for your vehicle and give you the various price ranges. You may want to look at new rims, as well as new tires. We make sure that you have all the information you need on new rims and new tires to make a decision.

We then order the tires, place them on the rims and put them on your car. You can choose to wait or we can arrange for you to be picked up.

Just remember that at Nerger's Auto Express we handle everything from tire repair to new tires and rims. Just come in and talk to us about your tire needs.

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